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Thousands coast to coast take action during the
1 Day in May Campaign to support secure jobs and income!

The 1 Day in May Campaign was a great success! Thousands of Canadians sent letters to their Members of Parliament to support better job and income security for people with MS and their families. They expressed their support through emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and calls to their MPs.

Thanks to our united voice, federal MPs now know they need to take action to improve support for people living with MS by

  • changing Employment Insurance sickness benefits to make them more flexible and useful for people living with MS
  • making it easier for people with MS to qualify for disability credits and benefits
  • making disability and caregiver tax credits fully refundable to provide direct assistance to low-income caregivers.

We will keep working for secure jobs and income for people with MS.

With your help we will continue to advocate for the critical changes needed to provide better support for people affected by MS as they struggle to keep working and pay their bills.

Itís not too late Ė support our next campaign!

If you didnít have a chance to take part in this campaign but want to ensure you are involved in this important effort, please offer your support at our online action centre.

You can also stay informed by visiting the advocacy pages of our website or contacting a MS Society office in your area.

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