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Action on MS

Support secure jobs and income for people affected by MS!

Canadians living with MS struggle to survive financially while coping with a challenging illness.

It’s difficult for people with MS to keep working because their illness comes and goes in unpredictable ways. Most jobs are not flexible enough to accommodate their needs - and government programs do not support off-and-on part-time work.

The family and friends who care for people with MS also face financial hardship. Their vital duties as caregivers make it difficult to work fulltime. Current government support is not enough to cover their basic living costs.

It’s time for action to ensure that people with MS � and their caregivers - have the support they need for a decent life.

Support secure jobs and income for people affected by MS! Send a message now to your Member of Parliament »

Have you already sent a message to your Member of Parliament? If yes � join our follow-on campaign to keep the pressure on for job income and security.

We are asking the federal government to lead the way with action on these critical steps:

  1. Make it easier for people with MS and other episodic disabilities to keep working
    • Make the Employment Insurance program more flexible for people with MS and other episodic illnesses � so they can stay in the workforce.

    • Provide early intervention and other services to help people with episodic disabilities remain in their jobs.

    Learn more about changes needed to help people with MS stay on the job

  2. Improve income support for people with MS who cannot work or can only work intermittently
    • Increase existing federal benefits and credits for people with disabilities.

    • Make disability tax credits fully refundable to provide income directly to low-income people with MS and other disabilities.

    • Change the rules on who is eligible for disability tax credits and benefits to ensure people with episodic disabilities have access.

    Learn more about improving income supports for people with MS and other episodic disabilities

  3. Care for Canada’s caregivers by ensuring they have the support and security they need
    • Increase caregiver tax credits to reduce financial hardship.

    • Make caregiver tax credits fully refundable to provide direct income to caregivers.

    • Lead the development of a National Caregiver Action Plan.

    Learn more about changes needed to care for Canada�s caregivers.

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