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Living with Multiple Sclerosis
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I may have MS

If you are waiting to hear if you have (or do not have) multiple sclerosis, or believe that your symptoms may be MS related, you probably have some questions and concerns. For people who are worried that they may have multiple sclerosis, but have not spoken with your doctor yet or started the diagnosis process, it is important to share your concerns with your family doctor. Your doctor can provide you with a referral to a neurologist, who can then confirm or rule out a diagnosis of MS.

Diagnosing multiple sclerosis can present some challenges. For one thing, many of the symptoms in MS are common in other health conditions. In addition, there is no one definitive diagnostic test for multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, the diagnostic process – which either rules out or confirms multiple sclerosis – can take some time. This uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. Volunteers and staff from the MS Society are available to talk with you should you have any questions or concerns during this process. To reach your MS Society division office, call 1-800-268-7582, or visit In Your Community to find the nearest MS Society office.

You may also wish to visit the section on Multiple Sclerosis for more information on the disease and / or the Research section.

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